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Green Leaf

Raw Mango Butter

Raw Mango Butter

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Gentle enough for a baby's skin, our pure Mango Butter moisturizes, softens and nourishes for healthy skin, hair and scalp.

It’s the perfect bedside-table raw butter and can be used head to toe before bedtime — on hands and cuticles, feet, lips, elbows and knees. For very dry feet and hands, massage into your rough skin, put on cotton socks and gloves, and go to sleep! It’s that simple. Wake up with softer skin than you went to bed with.

Because our Mango Butter is unrefined, it hasn’t been heated to high temperatures during manufacturing. This means it retains its healthy fats and provides more of a benefit to your skin and hair.

Mango butter is the softest consistency Green Leaf butter at room temperature. It can be used right out of the jar. As it is made from the mango seed, not the fruit, its smell is neutral rather than fruity. This makes it the perfect raw butter to mix with essential oils, if you’d like to create your own scented body butter.

This luscious raw mango butter is perfect for homemade recipes and combines smoothly with Green Leaf shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera gel and many other ingredients.

Check out our blog for DIY recipe ideas.

Green Leaf believes in feeding the skin, not covering it up


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