Gentle enough for a baby's skin, our 100% pure and natural Mango Butter moisturizes, softens and nourishes for healthy skin, hair and scalp.

This luscious raw mango butter is perfect for homemade recipes and combines smoothly with Green Leaf Naturals shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera gel and many other ingredients.

Use Green Leaf Naturals Mango Butter to:

  • Moisturize, soothe and soften skin
  • Repair damaged and aging skin
  • Relieve sunburn and insect bites
  • Prevent and repair stretch marks
  • Protect and rejuvenate skin cells
  • Create your own DIY skin care recipes

Green Leaf Naturals believes in feeding the skin, not covering it up

From our customers:

"Love this butter. Melts right into the skin. Blended with shea butter it's perfect for my beautiful black locks. Great for my natural black sisters! Will be buying again" - Sandra

"I love how the mango butter has left my hair soft it also keeps it moisturized especially with the crazy weather we have been having. I will definitely buy again and other butters as well." - Stephanie

"It's really easy to use, had a neutral smell, and it works so well as a moisterizer (sic). My skin gets so cracked and dry when the colder weather comes and mango butter has made all the difference. And using it on my face has really improved my skin! It looks clearer and very healthy. And you really get a lot for what you pay since you don't need all that much as a little goes a long way, so it's a good deal. And the customer service is really great!" C. Silvey