Living off the land and working with Mother Nature is a long family tradition for Mary and John Spencer.

Both grew up in rural Michigan on family farms. Farming was in their blood. After they married, they decided to create their their own organic farm in Middleville Michigan where they raised their two daughters. They cultivate herbs, flowers and other botanicals for their newly formed dried herb and flower venture. Their daughters developed their own love for all things green and recreation for the family often consisted of trips to the fields and woods to gather wild herbs and flowers.

Organic living, herbs and essential oils have always been a passion of Mary's. “Simple combinations can help people to sleep better, bring about relaxation and improve general well-being. The rejuvenating and life-giving properties from Mother Nature’s botanicals have been with us for centuries. They bring life and beauty to skin and hair as opposed to synthetic chemicals which are often toxic and destroy cells.”

Mary and John decided to take their love of natural and organic living to a higher level so they could help thousands of others understand and also enjoy products directly from the heart of Mother Earth.

They teamed up with a like-minded couple, Bruce Goodman and Leisa Collins-Goodman, and formed Green Leaf Naturals. Their first signature product was organic Aloe Vera Gel.  Aloe Vera sprays, including an aftershave and beard conditioner followed and earlier this year Green Leaf Naturals released organic Shea, Mango and Cocoa body butters which have also proved to be very popular.  They are excited about the new woman’s aloe vera moisturizer, the latest product under the Green Leaf Naturals Brand. It combines Aloe Vera and Shea Butter but also includes an array of penetrating herbs and oils to further nourish and enrich the skin.