DIY: organic aloe vera, oatmeal and honey face mask

DIY: organic aloe vera, oatmeal and honey face mask

This soothing mask is a go-to for me. I have sensitive combination skin and the ingredients in this recipe are all soothing and effective. They work together to create a mask that exfoliates, clarifies, and moisturizes. Plus, I find it anti-aging. People say my skin glows and I really think this mask is one of the key reasons. I use it on my face and décolletage about twice a month, but it's gentle enough to use more often than that!

 Watch Sue-Kate putting together the facial mask. It's so quick and easy!

Aloe Vera reduces skin inflammation and irritation. It's full of antioxidants and helps skin retain moisture. It's anti-microbial which helps combat breakouts.

Oatmeal exfoliates very gently and it softens skin. It's very calming for itchy, rashy or dry skin. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Honey is also naturally anti-bacterial, so it's a powerhouse when it comes to clearing skin. It soothes, it moisturizes, and like the other ingredient, has anti-oxidants which are great for giving skin a youthful glow.

Note: Amounts listed below are for face only. Double or triple amounts as needed for body masks.    



Combine ingredients in glass bowl. Apply to skin. Leave on for 15 to 45 minutes. Rinse. Optional: Complete by spritzing face with either Green Leaf Naturals' Aloe Vera Spray, or one of our Facial Toners.

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