The scoop on Manuka honey

The scoop on Manuka honey

We are proud that we select only the finest, natural ingredients for our products and this month, we’re highlighting this rare, special  honey. 

Manuka Honey comes only from New Zealand where bees pollinate native Manuka flowers. These scarce blossoms bloom just 2-6 weeks out of the year. The window for bees to create Manuka honey, and the time in which it can be collected, is very narrow. This unique honey is gathered with care only after a synergy of natural processes takes place.

In the 19th century, it was discovered that honey has innate anti-bacterial qualities. While every honey has naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide, Manuka honey’s healing powers extend far beyond this.  While most honey contains a bacteria-battling compound called methylglyoxal in small amounts, Manuka honey has a much higher concentration of MG due to the high level of dihydroxyacetone (which is converted to methylglyoxal) in Manuka blossom nectar. This makes Manuka the gold standard when it comes to giving relief and improving healing.

Manuka honey fights the bacteria which can make wounds even worse. One major benefit of Manuka honey is that it does not appear to create drug-resistant strains of the bacteria it fights — as opposed to many antibiotics that are now infamous for causing “super bugs” that resist Western medicine. Used topically on many skin conditions, Manuka honey may reduce the possibility of infection and can speed the healing process.

We have a high standard when it comes to choosing the Manuka honey in our moisturizing formulas and the results are proof of the effectiveness when this elixir is used in combination with “the plant of immortality” — organic, cold-pressed aloe vera.


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