Introducing our new organic rosewater facial spray

Introducing our new organic rosewater facial spray

We are thrilled to add our new Organic Rosewater Facial Spray to our women’s skincare line.  We all use it as a mist for our faces, necks, décolletage, and hair. Between its healing properties and delightful aroma, It was love at first spritz.  

Rosewater is a terrific-smelling source of anti-oxidants and it works as a natural anti-inflammatory. It is soothing and nourishing without being harsh. As always with Green Leaf Naturals products, it does not contain any harmful chemicals or additives.  It not only does wonders as a toner on “normal” skin, but it can reduce redness, irritation, acne and eczema. Plus, it smells heavenly as it heals.

Rosewater is also fabulous for your hair and scalp. Because it is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can soothe dryness and reduce flakes. It is a natural moisturizer which works its magic on all hair types from straight, smooth hair to natural curly hair. (On a personal note, I can tell you that a light misting helps revitalize curls when they’re looking a bit crushed.) Many folks swear that rosewater even encourages hair growth because it increases scalp circulation.  

One amazing side effect of using our Rosewater Facial Spray is that it can elevate your mood. Historically, the scent of roses has been employed to soothe the nerves and lift the spirit. 


With so many positive properties, we are thrilled to add organic rosewater to the Green Leaf Naturals’ family of products. We know you’ll love it as much as we do.

To learn more about our Organic Rosewater Facial Spray or to purchase the product, please CLICK HERE

And some exciting news on the horizon: we have more skincare products that we’ll also be releasing very soon. We cannot wait to share them with you. Keep your eye on our Facebook page, blog, and emails so you can take advantage of our exclusive promotional discounts.

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