DIY: Mango Butter cuticle cream with chamomile and grapefruit

DIY: Mango Butter cuticle cream with chamomile and grapefruit

This is a variation on a favorite recipe over here at the GLN test kitchen (and yes, by the GLN test kitchen, I do mean the kitchen in my own house). I've been using it nightly because my hands were a real wreck. The dry weather, the change in season, and work I've been doing in the garden and around my house has made a mess of my hands. This has been a massive help. 

Mango butter is such a soothing ingredient. Around the house, I do use it raw... but it's also perfect in DIY recipes. It's so easy to work with because it's soft at room temperature. Also, it's got a neutral scent -- not a fruit one, like some might assume -- and so it takes the scent of whatever other ingredients you mix in, without interfering. 

The texture is rich and smooth. It doesn't absorb immediately, which is why I like to use it at night. It provides a fabulous protective barrier and serves to seal in moisture. 

I find it very calming and mild. My skin is very sensitive. Mango butter doesn't cause me to itch or to get rashy like some other products do. In fact, I find it really calms my skin. I'm also finding my nails less brittle and prone to breakage. I'm such a big fan, can you tell?

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I enjoyed making it.

It's super easy and you could add your own preferred essential oils. It's a really easy recipe to adapt with a scent you like... or no scent at all. I keep mine sealed in a glass jar by my bedside. I suspect it'd have a long shelf life if you kept it sealed and in a dark/cool environment... but mine will be long gone before I find out how long it might keep :)


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