DIY: Creamsicle Dream (solid perfume)

DIY: Creamsicle Dream (solid perfume)

A GLN FAVE! We love solid perfumes because the scents stick around for far longer than liquid perfumes. This is especially important as we inch closer to summer and the heat and the sun can make us sweat off anything we've spritzed on. We love how compact a solid perfume can be -- it barely takes up room in our bags or desk drawers.

Creamsicle Dream smells of summer and it's fun, refreshing, nostalgic... and yes, a bit mouthwatering. It's a quick and easy DIY and a little goes a long a way. Plus -- it really costs pennies to make if you have the ingredients handy. It's highly customizable by combining your own favorite essential oils. Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Sue-Kate describes the process in the video below. You can scroll further down the page for the full recipe. ENJOY! 


Full Recipe


1 1/2 tsp Green Leaf Naturals Raw, Organic African Shea Butter

1 tsp organic bees wax

1 tsp light oil like jojoba or sweet almond

10-15 drops orange essential oil

10-15 drops vanilla essential oil


In a double boiler, melt the shea butter and bees wax. Once they're fully liquified, add your light oil and whisk. Take everything off the heat and let it cool a bit (but not harden). Then add your essential oils. Different manufacturers' essential oils can be more or less concentrated -- so use how ever many drops you prefer to create your scent. After the ingredients are mixed well, pour into a small jar or tin. Allow to harden in the fridge or cool room.


Massage a small amount of oil into your pulse points (like your inner wrists, inner elbows or knees, or the neck/behind the ears.

This is the perfect scent for summer. It's playful and light and fruity, without being childish. We highly recommend whipping some up.


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