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On the label it says you can use it as a hair gel. Well, I guess I’ll try it; it’s the weekend and I don’t have a date tonight. I washed and conditioned my hair which, as my uncle puts it, still makes me look like a stringy-haired blonde. I put on the gel thinking it would be sticky and was pleasantly surprised to see it went right into my dry hair and left no residue! I set my hair with hot rollers, and VOILA! I had curls that were full, bouncy and fun. The reason I was hesitant to experiment during a work day was because every other gel I have tried left my hair with a plastic coating. Thanks, Green Leaf Naturals!
— L.B.
I have been using aloe vera gel for a long time to help with dry, eczema prone skin on my hands. It works wonders! No more itchy, chapped skin. I only buy pure aloe vera gel and this product fits the bill. I can highly recommend it!
— I.D.
I used it on my face and body and saw very good, almost instant, results using it for sunburns and dry skin. My heels dry and crack sometimes from wearing sandals and it’s very painful. This aloe gel absorbs better and faster than any other I’ve found and is a life saver in that respect.
— M.M.
Found this product really helpful for dry scalp, acne and general skin moisturizing.
— J.B.
I absolutely love this Organic Aloe Vera Gel. It is the only gel that I have used that does not feel sticky or leave a residue on skin or hair. I really like the consistency and feel. Will purchase again.
— M.G.