Green Leaf Natural's Aloe Vera Beard Conditioner is made with cold-pressed aloe vera gel that is 100% organically grown, harvested and processed in the USA. Aloe vera hydrates, nourishes and softens your beard and skin while promoting beard growth, a healthy shine and cell regeneration.

Use on facial and head hair after showers and shaving; great on bald heads, too!

Paraben free; no petrochemicals; no dyes; no alcohol; cruelty free; kid safe; pet safe; made in USA.

Green Leaf Naturals believes in feeding the skin, not covering it up. 

From our customers:

"After trying a few other beard products I can say that this product does the best job of moisturizing. Also my beard seems to be slowly loosing the burly, wiry feeling and it is becoming softer; more like the hair I used to have on my head!" -James

"I am off the charts impressed wth this product. Immediate difference. My wife can touch my beard right away with zero residue on her hands. That was most important to me." - Asher

"I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend. I was looking for an organic product with little or no fragrance. He absolutely loves it! He had been using oil for his goatee, but his beard was still coarse enough to scratch my cheeks when kissing. This seems to soften his whiskers and is great for his skin. We both win! After a few days using it, he said that he thought he should buy another bottle to keep on hand, a very good sign!" - Gemmy202