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Green Leaf

Aloe Vera After Shave & Body Gel - Unscented

Aloe Vera After Shave & Body Gel - Unscented

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This unscented aloe vera gel formula soothes shaving irritation. It absorbs and moisturizes quickly with no residue.

Our Aloe Vera After Shave is cold-pressed from aloe vera plants grown in Texas and certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Use on face and body after showers and shaving; great on bald heads, too!

Paraben free; no petrochemicals; no dyes; no alcohol; cruelty free; made in USA.

Green Leaf believes in feeding the skin, not covering it up. 

From our customers*:

"...I am fully hooked on this product. I'm 69 and I slop this all over my face and it has removed lines, reduced the bags under my eyes and generally made me look years younger. Here is the thing and the difference between this product and other body products. When you put this on it takes about two minutes to absorb into the skin as it does not have any trans dermal solvents to penetrate the skin so it takes awhile. It is almost instant but I tell you true, it's the best hydration you have for your skin, mark my words." -J.Klett

"This is a really great product, I can't be more satisfied with that. Absolutely recommended. I already bought 2 bottles but I feel confident to look to other products they have. I shave my head also and this really help me to cool down and heal my sensitive skin after shave. The best feature is that has almost no smell, the bottle dispenser is really well made, they even put a small mark to be sure where you are pointing the dispenser. I'm really happy with this, awesome quality, good price, attention to details, what else you can ask?" -Mario

"I'm always on the hunt for an unscented aftershave treatment that doesn't contain alcohol and helps my delicate skin recover from the harsh reality of social expectations. This is it! Goes on smoothly and dries quickly (without making my skin feel dry). Will buy again." -Scott N

These views are those of Green Leaf customers, submitted on and based on their personal experiences.

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